You Betcha, Sarah!

Topic: Verbal Nonsense “Right wingin’/ bitter clingin’ / proud clingers” – Sarah Palin, February 18, 2015 endorsing Donald J. Trump at a political rally in Ames, Iowa I’m fascinated by the way Sarah Palin speaks. To me, her words are as lyrical and exciting as a 1 am drug-induced jazz solo at The Village Vanguard. I’m […]

Feet Gazing

Topic:Body Parts When all of the toes on the foot are almost exactly the same length, including the big toe, it is said that the patient has a “square foot.” The medical term is Peasant Foot. In my professional opinion, this is the stablest, most functional kind of foot and the superior foot among foot types.  It is said that […]

Women Can Be People, Too

Topic: Lyrics During my lunch break, I was perusing my copy of The Complete Lyrics by Ira Gershwin (Ed. Robert Kimball) when I happened upon this doozie of a lyric below, written in 1937. Oh, what would it be like to be considered a full-fledged person?  In another version of this song called “Stand Up and Fight” the last […]